Exjet are at the forefront of drainage and pipe technology conducting activities including pipe and sewer lining and repairs, CCTV inspections water jetting, excavations and confined space works. Their client base is diverse comprising civil engineering, government departments, public utilities and rail and domestic clients.

Exjet have partnered with SSG for over 5 years. During this time, together we have developed a bespoke safety management system, detailed method statements, risk assessments and technical procedures covering their whole spectrum of services.

The work that Exjet carry out is not only hazardous, but also very sensitive with respect to the environment and precision. It is essential to Exjet that they operate at the very pinnacle of quality, health, safety and environment management. With this in mind, Exjet worked with SSG to design an integrated management system, certified by UKAS standards, encompassing ISO9001 (quality) and ISO14001 (environmental). OHSAS18001 (health and safety is currently being integrated and will be audited this year.

Exjet required a streamlined product that could be used easily and intuitively by all employees in the company. It was important that the resultant system would satisfy both their smaller customers and those large corporate clients who required more than just simple compliance.

Robin Dowell (survey manager) said, 'Working with SSG has made the design of our systems a problem free experience. We have worked with at least 5 of their team members, who specialised in the expertise that we needed. For us quality, environmental and health and safety management are paramount. Partnering with SSG has enabled us to develop these to the highest standards.

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